Project Description

Hagley contracted CGC Geoservices to perform the restoration of the dam and adjacent millrace. Construction of the spillway restoration began in July during the typical seasonal low flow period. Adjustments were made to the design as necessary based on the actual conditions uncovered during construction as well as to deal with the challenges of construction in the middle of the Brandywine River during what ended up being an unseasonably wet Ssummer and fall construction period, requiring ontinuous innovation in the construction approach.

The project included dewatering of sections of the dam to allow evaluation and repair, placement of large boulders, riprap and concrete in the middle of the river, reconstruction of masonry walls, maintenance of sediment and erosion controls throughout the project, and vegetative restoration of the stream banks in a natural river setting.The dam restoration was successfully completed within budget and with minimum disruption to the surrounding historic and natural setting.

This project was recognized with multiple awards including theNew Castle County Historic Preservation Award for Industrial Technology Restoration and the Construction Excellence Award for the State of Delaware and the Delaware Contractors Association.