Project Description

This 1.8 acre site, which covers a city block at the corner of N. Walnut and 15th Streets in Wilmington, is owned by Bank of America. The site had been historically used as a tannery, a match factory, and as a vulcanized fiber manufacturing facility. On-site soils include apparent tannery wastes, as well as several types of metal processing wastes and ashes. CGC Geoservices was contracted to provide environmental remediation services for this site. This $3.5 million project involved the removal of approximately 10, 000 cubic yards of non-hazardous waste and 4,500 cubic yards of hazardous wastes, which were excavated and transported to a soil recycling facility and appropriately licensed disposal facilities. Underground storage tank (UST) removal was also required as part of the project. Environmental sampling was performed to characterize soils at the perimeter of excavation, and all samples were handled by NELAC certified laboratory. CGC Geoservices implemented the requirements of a site-specific safety health and emergency response plan (SHERP), and oversaw the safe completion of the project with its various subcontractors.