Limited Access Drilling


For some projects, the most challenging part of the job is getting the drill rig into position to perform the required sampling.  Steep slopes, low [...]

Borehole Infiltration Testing


Borehole infiltration testing is a method frequently used in urban environments or areas where excavation of test pits for the performance of larger diameter infiltration [...]

Interior Drilling


Sometimes test borings are required in an area where mobilization of a drill rig just isn’t feasible, such as in the basement of a building [...]

Ronks Road over Pequea Creek


The design of a new bridge crossing the Pequea Creek in Lancaster, PA required the performance of test borings to assess the soil and rock [...]

Ronks Road over Pequea Creek


The design of a new bridge crossing the Pequea Creek in Lancaster, PA required the performance of test borings to assess the soil and rock [...]

Owl’s Nest Streambank Stabilization


Many of New Castle County's streams are heavily eroded and destabilized because of multiple severe storm events.  New Castle County identified a number of the impacted [...]

Terumo Parking Lot


Several parking lot expansions were required to service the increasing parking demand at a growing pharmaceutical facility in Cecil County, Maryland. CGC Geoservices provided construction [...]

Lancaster Pike Streambank Stabilization


A stream traversing a large residential site had severely undermined banks due to increased water flows from upstream development. CGC Geoservices was contracted to install [...]

Delmarva Wetlands Creation


A proposed substation expansion in Townsend, Delaware required the creation of new wetland areas to mitigate wetland disturbance associated with the substation expansion. CGC Geoservices [...]

Hagley Dam


Hagley contracted CGC Geoservices to perform the restoration of the dam and adjacent millrace. Construction of the spillway restoration began in July during the typical [...]

Brandywine Fibers


This 1.8 acre site, which covers a city block at the corner of N. Walnut and 15th Streets in Wilmington, is owned by Bank of [...]

Hunt at Louviers Pond Restoration


The stormwater management system in this residential development was designed and installed prior to regulations requiring water quality controls. A $75,000 DNREC Community Water Quality [...]

Dunkin Donuts Sand Filter


A sand filter is a stormwater management feature for removing contaminants from parking lot stormwater runoff before it is discharged into the stormwater system. These [...]

Domestic Water wells


CGC Geoservices has installed dozens of domestic water wells in the unique geologic formations of Cecil County Maryland and throughout Delaware. Water wells on residential [...]

Water well pumps and maintenance


Over time, the yield from a water well can diminish due to the build up of minerals, degradation of pumping equipment, or changes in the [...]

Susquehanna River Crossing PPL


Pennsylvania Power and Light (PPL) owns power transmission lines that cross the Susquehanna River, which is over a mile wide in some areas. Transmission towers [...]

Christina River Crossing


Geotechnical sampling was required for the proposed design of a water transmission main across the Christina River in Wilmington, Delaware. CGC Geoservices was contracted to [...]

Pilot Well Study


CGC Geoservices participated in a pilot project with the City of Philadelphia Water Department for the use of subsurface drainage wells for deep infiltration practices. [...]

PWD Green Stormwater Infrastructure


CGC Geoservices provides test boring and infiltration testing services for Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) projects throughout the City of Philadelphia. CGC has performed thousands of [...]

DSWA Sandtown monitor wells


Monitor wells can be used to observe static and variable groundwater levels , and to allow for sampling of water for water quality testing and [...]

Lysimeter Installation


Lysimeters are devices that allow for collection and sampling of pore water from soil above the groundwater table. The device has a porous ceramic cup [...]

Groundwater Monitor Wells – Artesian Water


CGC Geoservices installed over 20 groundwater monitor wells at the proposed Artesian Water Northern Sussex Regional Water Reclamation Facility (ANSRWRF) site located in Milton, Delaware. [...]

Christina River Bridge Inclinometers


CGC Geoservices installed geotechnical instrumentation for the construction of the Christina River Bridge in Wilmington, Delaware. The instrumentation included multiple inclinometers installed to depths of [...]

PHL Airport Runway


CGC Geoservices is part of the Global Program Partners Team that was awarded the Program Management services for the Capacity Enhancement Program at the Philadelphia [...]

Food Bank of Delaware


The new facility for the Food Bank of Delaware required that some interior renovations be performed to support the proposed storage operations. CGC Geoservices performed [...]

Peach St Bridge over Sacony Creek


As part of the design process for redesign of a bridge crossing Sacony Creek near Kutztown, Pennsylvania, PENNDOT required drilling of test borings on the [...]

PennDOT Subsurface Investigations


CGC Geoservices is prequalified by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation as a driller for PennDOT projects. PennDOT projects are located throughout the state, and typically [...]



A corporate campus was to be constructed under an accelerated schedule on a geotechncially challenging site in north Wilmington, Delaware. CGC Geoservices was contracted to [...]

PPL Transmission Lines


Pennsylvania Power and Light (PPL) constructs and maintains thousands of miles of transmission lines in their service regions. When new lines or upgrades are required, [...]

Brandywine Creek Pipe Crossing


Geotechnical sampling was required for the proposed design of the replacement of a 70 year old water transmission main across the Brandywine Creek in Wilmington, [...]



CGC Geoservices was awarded a statewide, open ended, multi-year contract to provide geotechnical drilling and sampling services for projects with the Delaware Department of Transportation. [...]

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