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CGC Geoservices, LLC can provide installation of horizontal and vertical closed loop geothermal wells in a variety of geologic conditions. We have the capabilities to service clients in Eastern Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania, and can provide geothermal installation services for commercial and residential projects.

We can also provide water well installation and maintenance, as well as geotechnical drilling services.

In addition to well installation, CGC Geoservices can also perform thermal conductivity testing on a geothermal test well. Formation thermal conductivity (FTC) testing can be an important component in the efficient design of a commercial or large residential geothermal system. By using the appropriate parameters to model the ground at your site, the total number of geothermal wells required for the system can be optimized, thus resulting in a cost-effective geothermal ground loop.

Our staff includes individuals accredited by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) as "Accredited Geothermal Installers".


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